Anne Helfer Studio: Pottery and Ceramic Art

Back again for the 2016 Strathmore Artisans sale is Anne Helfer Studio: Pottery and Ceramic Art!

Anne enjoy many aspects of claywork. She likes the symmetry and speed of throwing on the wheel as much as she enjoys the slower pace and angles of slab work. She likes making functional pieces that have a clear use as well as the occasional purely conceptual item.

She tries to convey a deep appreciation of and respect for Nature as the original provider in her work. She is resourceful with materials as well as with her time and energy; she always tries to increase her utilization of the by-products of her procedures. For example, she makes Sun Sculptures out of the cut-outs left over while creating her beautiful Tulip Vases. She re-uses water and reclaims all of her scrap clay. In addition, she produces a line of work called REclayMED ware, where she refurbishes used wooden (or glass or metal) items and then, out of clay, she creates one or more pieces to complement or complete the set.