Nancy Kieffer Photography

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Nancy Kieffer started experimenting with photography as a young child observing the interactions between people and animals. Although Nancy explored other areas besides photography, photography has always been a staple. She particularly loved photographing candid shots at events and reunions which has led to her tendency toward a journalistic/lifestyle style of photography that celebrates the bonds between family members and/or pets. It is also at these times that individuals/pets show their true selves and when you can capture their personality.

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Along with photography came a love for the outdoors and she marveled at the expertise of Photographers such as Ansel Adams. She enjoys photographing landscapes because of the peace and tranquility found when out in the wilderness. In her spare time she enjoy hiking, kayaking, spending time with her family and dog and volunteering for the local zoo and dog rescue.


Nancy will be selling some of her landscape photography as well as animal and landscape cards and products.

You can see some of her work @  http//