Enchanted Memories Photography and Digital Art


Enchanted Memories Photography and Digital Art aims to capture illusive and fleeting moments and preserving them forever. Enchanted Memories was born at a family party, when photographer and digital artist Kate Hodges noticed a tree with a hole at the bottom of the trunk and with roots covered in thick moss. As she snapped half a dozen pictures of it she realized that it was the perfect home for a fairy or an elf. Thus the seed was planted and it wasn’t long before she’d combined the photos with a picture of her daughter as a fairy peeking out of the tiny home.


Enchanted Memories loves fairy tales and the whole fantasy realm and believes that this world exists for those who have the faith and eyes to see it. Through the lens of a camera and experiments with digital art, Enchanted Memories brings pieces of that fantasy world to life … a bit of magic blended with a taste of reality.

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