Shoshin Upcycled Textiles & CitiBliss Photography by Stephanie Chatas

DSC_0511 DSC_0522

I guess I could be considered a multimedia artist in the sense that that I share a love of sewing with that of photography. My practice of yoga and love of textures led me to fashion my eco-friendly line of yoga mat rolls, as well as aromatherapy eye pillows and flax seed filled microwaveable heating pads. A recent addition to my catalog is everyday tote bags. All of my creations are one-of-a-kind labors of love, most using recycled materials and very little waste. My interest in photography started at an early age when my dad always had a camera in hand and a darkroom in the basement. Much later I went on to college as an art major and studied photography extensively. My mom is also a talented photographer who takes breathtaking shots in her global adventures. It must be in the genes! I especially enjoy photographing nature in and around my beautiful neighborhood.


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